FAQ - Branding Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the value of using the legacy division names? 
A: To simplify the organization and management of the company, the executive team has selected familiar division names for internal reference . Externally, our division names have customer value and are recognized as wholly owned subsidiaries of Quanex. Quanex is made of the sum of our divisions and we are more together than we could be separately. 

Q: Can the logos of the legacy division names be used? 
A: In some cases yes. We recognize that there may exist significant brand affinity for the legacy division names. For the sake of consistency and clarity, please refrain from utilizing these logos unless directed by the brand guidelines of this site. 

Q: Can sales associates reference themselves by the legacy names? 
A: All sales associates who sell products for multiple divisions of Quanex represent the Quanex brand and our specific product brands. Sales associates who are assigned to a specific division, represent that division as a wholly owned subsidiary of Quanex.
Q: Should the website be rebranded to include the legacy division names? How will customers who know us only by a division find us? 
A: Our customers will find our products and services at www.quanex.com. We have worked very hard to establish Quanex as a dominant brand in the vinyl extrusions, IG spacers, and screens, grilles, and accessories building products segments of the window industry. We will continue to invest in establishing the “Quanex” name as our company brand and highlighting the value of our specific product brands in the market. (Some exceptions may exist for international businesses with existing brand assets which will not be changed). 

Q: What about tradeshows? 
A: Tradeshow and event management are to continue as is.


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