Color Palette

The Quanex color palette is an array of colors chosen to add variety to communications and yet ensure that they maintain a consistent and recognizable appearance to reinforce our brand. The primary colors below are the approved colors for Quanex communications. When choosing colors, the primary colors should always be considered first, followed by the accent and light neutral colors.

As a general guideline, the primary colors should provide the dominant color scheme on all communication materials. All colors can be used as tints of the original color in multiples of 10% (e.g. 90% tint/screen of PMS 364). Use of any colors other than the approved Quanex colors is strongly discouraged.

Primary Color Palette

Primary colors should be used on primary elements. Examples include: backgrounds, headlines, main graphics or illustrations.

PMS 364C

C65 M0 Y100 K42
R56 G124 B43
WEB #387c2b

PMS 583C

C23 M0 Y100 K17
R176 G188 B34
WEB #b0bc22

PMS Warm Grey 11C

C0 M017 Y34 K62
R124 G106 B85
Web #7c6a55

Accent Color Palette

Accent and neutral color use is encouraged, but should be used to complement the primary color palette through secondary elements, and should never overpower the primary colors. Examples include: subheads, callout content, icons or small graphics. Limit the number of accent and neutral colors used.

PMS 138C

C0 M42 Y100 K1 
R227 G124 B0
WEB #e37c00

PMS 3015C

C100 M30 Y0 K20
R0 G115 B174
WEB #0073ae

PMS 492C

C0 M70 Y66 K30 
R180 G83 B4
Web #b0353c

Neutral Color Palette

PMS 7492C

C12 M0 Y50 K7  
R212 G219 B144
WEB #d4db90

PMS 5455C

C6 M0 Y0 K9      
R216 G227 B233
WEB #d8e3e9

PMS Warm Grey 3C

C0 M4 Y8 K17     
R216 G207 B198
Web #d8cfc6