Supergraphics are images or icons that can be manipulated to provide a visual and more impactful representation of the company brand. An oversized “Q” and a green-blend background are two of the elements used as supergraphics. Please adhere to the approved usage of these various elements (click on each image for details).

Q Supergraphic

In addition to the official Quanex logo, Quanex has developed a Q supergraphic based on the first letter of the company name.

The Q supergraphic can be combined with the existing approved background artwork to help communicate the Quanex brand.

There is a green-blend Q supergraphic and a brushed silver Q supergraphic. Standards for the approved Q supergraphics are as below:

Green Blend Q

The green-blend Q supergraphic is an additional background element. Can be used with a headline or large block of copy

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Brushed Silver Q

The brushed silver Q supergraphic on white (or brushed silver). Can be used as a stand-alone or background element.

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Faded Q

The faded Q supergraphic on white. Can be used as a stand-alone or background element.

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Green Blend

Custom green backgrounds were designed and developed for use in internal and external Quanex communication materials. The background includes a circular green blend (gradient) built upon PMS 364. Only the approved green blend background file can be used. The green blend may not be recreated.

Elements such as the white Quanex logo, a white headline or the green-blend Q supergraphic may be used on the green-blend background. An optional slight outer glow or drop shadow may be used on the elements over the background in order to emphasize it.

Green Blend
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