Letterhead, Forms and Envelopes


Executive Letterhead
Fax Cover Sheet
Open Position Notice
Organizational Announcement
Press Release
Monthly Operations Report Template
Generic Form


The Quanex letterhead should be used across the company, with the exception of Owens Flooring, Colonial Craft and HL Plastics. Please follow the general typing guidelines within the templates, including margins, fonts and spacing. These layouts and designs should not be altered. To customize the location/individual information, edit the header making sure to use the same font type and size. Should you need additional letterhead formats or help, please contact Corporate Communications.

Date, address, executive name (on executive letterhead only) and body of letter to be formatted in Tahoma, 11 pt. with 13 pt. line spacing.

  • Start the text 2" from the top of the letterhead and 1" from the left edge. In the letterhead address, avoid the use of abbreviations; spell out entire names for streets, states and countries (more formal).
  • Include the zip code 4-digit extension, if one exists


The following examples represent the corporate and division forms with general typing guidelines for the margins and placement of the body within the letter. These layouts should not be altered. If you need additional forms, please contact Corporate Communications.

Date, address and body of form to be formatted in Tahoma, 11 pt. with 13 pt. line spacing. Start the text 2" from the top of the form and 1" from the left edge.



The following outlines information on the corporate and division #10 envelopes with general printing and typing guidelines for margins and address placement.

  • Size: 9.5" wide x 4.125" tall
  • Paper: Classic Crest, No. 10 envelope, Bright White
  • Inks: 2/0 = PMS 364C and Black
  • Font: Tahoma, 11 point with 13 point line spacing